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Bath Soak - Sleep Well

The Body Chronicles

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A Good Nights rest will surely come after taking a bath, soaking in Sleep Well! A Bath Soak that combines pure epsom salt with essential oils to help ease achy joints and muscles, while adding moisture and relaxation to the skin.  Lavender and Chamomile essential oil and buds to induce a state relaxation and serene calmness. Lavender has been known to promote wellness and ease minds. 


- Epsom Salt known to help remove toxins from the body, along with magnesium that aid in anti-inflammatory relief which is crucial to bodily function

-Sodium Bicarbonate relieves itchy skin, fights fungal bacteria, and aids in eczema relief

- Pink Salt can ease muscle cramps and stimulates circulation in the body. Aids in stiffness relief from sore joints, arthritis, and back pain. 

Suggested Use: use 1/4cup or your desired amount to a warm bath. Sit, soak, and relax while the special ingredients do their magic. For extended relaxation, follow up with heated Body Oil from Chapter 3.