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Care Tips

Overall care tips:

  • If your skin becomes irritated stop use immediately. If irritation continues, please consult medical care provider for help.

Body Butter:

  • Store in cool- warm areas to reduce butters from melting. Keep out of site of direct heat. If Body Butter arrives melted, quickly place in a cool area. 

Fusion and Fluff Scrubs: 

  • Use spoons, bowls, or pour scrubs into hands to prevent water from entering into the jar. This prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. 
  • Do not over use scrub, which can make skin raw and painful.

Body Oil:

  • If heating up test a small amount on skin for temperature before proceeding to apply to large areas of the body. 

Lip Scrub:

  • Although these are edible, please do not consume to much to avoid digestive issues.